Goodbye, Theorem


Today is my final day at Theorem after almost 10 years. It is a day full of mixed feelings for me, as I’m excited for what’s waiting for me next week (more on that, well, next week) and I’m saddened for leaving this amazing team of friendly and talented human beings.

When I joined the Citrusbyte, how it was named at the time, we were less than 20 people working in a hectic but fun and creative environment. And while it might seem hard to believe, that same spirit is still around all these years later, although luckily is not (that) hectic anymore.

Not only the company grew throughout but so did I. I went from being a single guy who had just bought an apartment doing nothing more than programming and reading all day to a father of two and owner of a house. And this company always had my back because all of us employees are treated like people.

But I digress…

Yesterday I’ve got a farewell Meet call with lots of teammates, and I would be lying if I wouldn’t say that afterwards my ego was the size of a continent, I’m happy and proud of leaving a mark on Citrusbyte/Theorem’s culture, and I will forever be grateful and honoured for this past decade. And who knows, maybe someday I’ll return with new tricks to share.

Me as King inkel at Gargonza Castle, Italy